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                                          Herndon Eagleton Real Estate
                                                   Where Eagles Dare To Soar
                                            The Chosen The Trusted The Best
Are you a new agent seeking a supportive environment where you can grow and achieve your highest earning potential by learning the secrets to success? Or are you an industry veteran looking to take your business to the next level?

Herndon Eagleton Real Estate (HERE) is a cutting edge boutique brokerage offering a rare opportunity to join a small but growing team of a few good great agents in Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Principal broker is actively involved and committed to your success without competing with you. Agents who join HERE receive:

*85-90% split with no desk, franchise, membership, tech or transactional fees

*Free basic and advanced training with a licensed NYS real estate instructor

*Free personalized one on one coaching and mentoring with the principal broker

*Access to innovative business development and client incentive programs

*5% bonus for each agent you recruit as long as both are associated with HERE

If you have a NYS real estate license or are in the process of getting a license, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that drive you to success, impeccable integrity, and a likeable personality, professional demeanor and appearance, come discover why HERE is the place for you. Bilingual English/any language is a major plus.

Interested candidates send an email to or call/text 917-991-2528 to set up an interview. an interview. We are HERE for you!

Contact HERE today. It is the best move you will ever make.

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